Polymer Clay: Visiting Artist at Western Carolina University

Welcome to Polymer Clay!  I’ve been working with Polymer Clay for over a decade, mostly as a hobby, but have sold many pieces to friends and family.  I mainly create wearable art; jewelry pieces.  But polymer clay is so flexible it is used to created sculpture, characters, wall art, containers, etc. 

In this post, I will link to numerous video demonstrations I have recorded to introduce you to polymer clay.  I’ll start with the basics and then demonstrate how to mix colors, and three different techniques: screen printing on polymer, two types of mokume gane, and building a cane. 

Let’s get started with what polymer clay is, some of the brands available, and the tools you’ll need to work with polymer clay.

Introduction to Polymer Clay

Tools and Conditioning Polymer Clay

Storing Clay

Mixing Colors

Mixing Colors to Match

Mixing Colors to Match 2

Examples of canes and blends

Making a Skinner blend

Technique #1: Easy Veneer

Leaching Clay

Technique #2: Mokume Gane Two Artists

Techinique #2: Mokume Gane Julie Picarello 1

Technique #2: Mokume Gane Julie Picarello 2

Technique #2: Mokume Gane Melanie Muir 1

Technique #2: Mokume Gane Melanie Muir 2

Technique #2: Mokume Gane Melanie Muir Redux

I decided I really didn’t like the first veneer I made, so here I demostrate the same technique but with a much different end result.

Technique #3: Screen Printing on Polymer Clay and other Techniques

Check back later to see photos of the finished pieces using the techniques I demonstrated.

Links to purchase clay and tools

Clay blades – https://www.sculpey.com/products/sculpey-super-slicer-set-w-comfort-handles

Clay conditioning machine – https://www.sculpey.com/products/sculpey-clay-conditioning-machine

Marcato machine – https://www.amazon.com/Marcato-8320-Machine-Cutter-Instructions/dp/B0009U5OSO

Pasta Machine thickness settings

The machine I used in the demos is the Atlas 150 1 to 9 settings.